zondag 30 januari 2011

The Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook

Last year, on December 15th, our Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook was published. This book was written by myself and Michel van Zoest. The book covers more than 80 recipes that describe how to make, let's say, a tag cloud or how to use the new team development.

The book shows the new features of APEX 4.0 like websheets, team development, dynamic actions, plug-ins and jQuery integration. Since its publication, we already sold 24 copies in the United States. And my employer, Ciber, wants to order 20 copies to give away to relations.

We also already received some reviews of the book:

Review by Joel Kallman

Review by Surachart Opun

Review from a German rader

Review from an English reader

Review by Rinie Romme

The Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook is published by Packt. You can order it via The publisher or via the online bookstore like Amazon.

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