dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Oracle APEX Cookbook second edition published today!

I'm proud to announce that our second book has been published today. The Oracle APEX Cookbook second edition, published by Packt. I wrote it together with Michel van Zoest. We both wrote also the Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook in 2010. We took the original APEX 4.0 Cookbook and added a number of new recipes, especially for APEX 4.2. Creating mobile applications, using HTML5 with CSS3, touch screen events, RESTful webservices are all new items in this book. We also tried to solve a number of issues that were submitted by reader queries.

Writing a book is a tough job. It's almost like a project. First, you start writing the drafts which have to be finished before a certain deadline. Take 1 month per chapter. When the draft is delivered, it will be reviewed by external reviewers. That could be well-known persons from the Oracle APEX community. After the review of the external reviewers, we will get time to address all the comments that are written by the reviewers. And once that is done, a technical editor will do a check whether everything is OK. The draft will also be checked upon spelling, grammar and so on. In the final stage we receive the chapters in PDF format. This is almost how the contents of the book will look like. Changes are only accepted if it will not affect the layout. And finally, once that is done, the book is ready to be published. Last thing to do is to deliver the code bundle, containing all the scripts and examples shown in the book.

Oracle APEX Cookbook second edition is avaible at bookstores, among others Packt and Amazon.

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