vrijdag 9 december 2011

Dynamic quick picks

Quick picks are those little red links with predefined values you see under (mostly) listboxes in the APEX builder.

They offer the user a flexibilty because the user can fill an item with a single click.Since APEX 4.0, you can easily add quick picks to your items by selecting "Yes" in the Show quick picks listbox in the Quick picks section of the item.

However, you can only add static data to the quick picks. Sometimes it would be very handy to make the quick picks dynamic. Let's say you have a CV application where you can add language skills to employees and suppose you want to have a language selectlist with quick picks of the 4 most used languages.

In 2008, long before APEX 4.0 was released, Anthony Rayner already wrote a blogpost about creating your own dynamic quick picks. Now, since APEX 4.0, you can create a plug-in for these kind of user-interface enhancements. In this blogpost I will show you how to do that.


We are going to use the following tables:


LNG_ID           NUMBER(5)



sequence CBR_ELG_SEQ


- Go to your application
- click on shared components
- in the user interface section, click plug-ins
- click the create button
- in the name section, enter a name for the plug-in, ie Dynamic quick pick, in the name text field
- in the internal name text field, enter a unique name, ie com.ciber.dynamic.quick.pick. This will be used internally by APEX
- in the type selectlist, make sure item is selected
- in the source section, enter the following code:

function render_quickpick (p_item                in apex_plugin.t_page_item
                          ,p_plugin              in apex_plugin.t_plugin
                          ,p_value               in varchar2
                          ,p_is_readonly         in boolean
                          ,p_is_printer_friendly in boolean )
return apex_plugin.t_page_item_render_result
  TYPE query_type  is REF CURSOR;
  TYPE query_type1 is REF CURSOR;
  c_query_cursor query_type;
  c_topn_query   query_type1;
  l_result       apex_plugin.t_page_item_render_result;
  l_query        apex_application_page_items.attribute_01%type := p_item.attribute_01;
  l_topn_query   apex_application_page_items.attribute_02%type := p_item.attribute_02;
  l_return       varchar2(20);
  l_display      varchar2(20);
  l_name         varchar2(30);
  -- get an APEX input name
  l_name := apex_plugin.get_input_name_for_page_item (p_is_multi_value => true );
  sys.htp.p('<select name="'||l_name||'" id="'||p_item.name||'" size="1" class="selectlist">');
  -- create the selectlist
  open c_query_cursor for l_query;
    fetch c_query_cursor into l_display, l_return;
    exit when c_query_cursor%notfound;
    if l_return = p_value
      sys.htp.p('<option value="'||l_return||'" selected="selected">'||l_display||'</option>');
      sys.htp.p('<option value="'||l_return||'">'||l_display||'</option>');
    end if;
  end loop;
  -- The top-n query is optional, if empty, use the l_query
  if l_topn_query is null
    l_topn_query := l_query;
  end if;
  -- create the quick picks
  open c_topn_query for l_topn_query;
    fetch c_topn_query into l_display, l_return;
    exit when c_topn_query%notfound;
    sys.htp.p('<a href="javascript:$s('||''''||p_item.name||''''||','||''''||l_return||''''||','||''''||l_display||''''||');" class="itemlink">'||'['||l_display||']'||'</a>');
  end loop;
  return l_result;
end render_quickpick;

- in the callbacks section, enter render_quickpick in the render function name text field
- in the standard attributes check the following attributes:

is visible
has element attributes
session state changeable
has source attributes
has width attributes

- click the create button but stay in the page.
- in the custom attributes section, click the add attribute button
- fill in the items with the following data:

scope: component
attribute: 1
display sequence: 10
Label: query
type: sql query
required: yes
minimum columns: 2, maximum columns:2

- click create and create another
- enter the following data:

scope: component
attribute: 2
display sequence: 20
Label: Top-N query
type: sql query
required: no
minimum columns: 2, maximum columns:2

- click create

The plug-in is ready. Now we will create a page that makes use of the plug-in.

- Go to the application builer and click the create page button.
- select form
- select form on a table or view
- in the table/view name selectlist, select cbr_emp_lang. click next
- click next
- select do not use tabs and click next
- click the radio button "select primary key" and in the primary key column 1 selectlist, select elg_id. click next
- select existing sequence and in the sequence selectlist, select cbr_elg_seq. click next
- transfer all columns to the right and click next
- click next
- enter pagenumber where APEX should navigate to when submitting or cancelling. You can also enter the same pagenumbers you are creating. click next
- click finish
- click edit page

Now we will include the plug-in into the application

- Click on the PXX_LNG_ID item (where XX is the page number)
- In the display as selectlist, select Dynamic quick pick [Plug-in]
- In the query text area (in the settings section), enter the following query:

,      LNG_ID R

- In the top-N query text area, enter the following query:

        ,      COUNT(LNG_ID) ORDERING

- click apply changes.

The page and the plug-in are ready. Click run to see the result.

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